Why Choose JEB?

JEB prides itself in providing innovative solutions in the Manufacture and Assembly of a diverse range of products. As a single source, with extensive industrial experience of optimising products for manufacture, we can handle new product development from early design through to commercialisation. JEB have many years of tool and jig design with in-house tooling facilities for metal or plastic components and their subsequent assembly. This is supported by a wide range of engineering skills, quality management, and regulatory support for the validation of manufacturing processes. We are ISO 9001 and 13485 approved. We welcome the opportunity to become involved as early as possible in the design process. This allows input that can have significant impact on reducing time to market and overall tooling and manufacturing cost.

Injection Moulding; -
JEB have over 10 years experience in the design, build, verification, and running of injection mould tools for the medical industry. Our moulding capacity ranges from 6 to 100 tonne and volume from 1 to 170ccm. Single impression, multi impression, hot and cold runners, hot tip and insert moulding.

Metal Stamping; -
Metal stamping and forming is in our DNA, throughout our history we have developed this to serve the global industry. Our extensive use and development of Bihler vari-slide technology has allowed us to provide cost effective solutions, for the manufacture and assembly of products across many different industries. Our cnc lathes and machining centres allow us to offer both high and low volume solutions for the manufacture of products.

High end assembly; -
Our in house design and tooling facilities give us the ability to produce bespoke assembly equipment for use in our environmentally controlled area. We are confident in the handling and assembly of intricate components and assemblies through to desktop sized products. We are competent in the validation of a wide range of manufacturing and assembly techniques. Our quality control personnel are well versed in the critical control systems required for the medical industry. We are also ISO 9001 and 13485 approved.